I had to run a fan on it, but I just received a laptop cooling tray which the Micom nicely sits on. If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Terms of Use Shipping Policy. The information herein is provided for informal educational purposes only. Currently have an old Signalink in pieces while I cut out the isolation transformers then rewire with a differential radio interface.

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Use it alot in ALE on the ham bands. No problems to report from this rigs so far.

Cable Serial USB Micom product

Programming By Computer The Micom 2 and Micom 3 micm are designed to be programmed by a computer before being put into service. This radio is NOT for the ham who enjoys dx, scanning bands etc.

As mentioned, although not for everyone, these radios are hard to beat if your needs are similar to mine. I run one at home and one in my SUV, there using a tuner with coax output to a 40m hamstick, not optimal at all, but most of what I want is 40 and 60 micomm this does fine. More information Less information. This is not an official Micom site.

The Micom 2BF is “B” for “basic” and “F” for mico, panel, as opposed to a trunk mount system they also manufacture. But the transmitted signal is “NTIA compliant” in terms of being 2.


It seems to not screw up callsigns when calling stations which is a plus: Shop for Electrical Products: New to Ham Radio?

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With a strategic partnership with Mahindra Logistics, we will deliver the ordered products at your doorstep, hassle free. No down time on any unit. The programming can be edited for other countries or purposes. But really, very solid, unbeatable, tough. For reliability and heavy business use, I’m sure the radio deserves a “5”, but not compared to what modern amateurs want and how well other manufacturers have addressed these desires. The receiver filtering is very limited.

Micom studio 4 download

All in all, a great, robust, do-enough radio for what I wanted. The number of soundings received, the number of callsigns not garbled, and the scanning, appears to run rings around software-driven ALE, at least compared to my TSSD using software ALE.

It runs nice and cool. We highly recommend that you seek professional technical service for programming your radio if you are unfamiliar with the complex firmware, software, hardware, and interfacing issues involved. If you ordered a hamburger from Motorola, you’d starve. I do occasionally use it in frequency mode, as I’m mostly on set frequencies e. The information herein is miicom for informal educational purposes only.

For Hams who don’t intend to use the hardware ALE or who don’t intend to put a lot of frequencies in the available memories, I’d say this radio isn’t for you. Range of miles on the average, between 4 sites in the southwest US. Download the Medium Voltage Technical Guide. Programing ALE from the front panel is fairly easy, though you need the manual the first few times to understand mcom parameters that are abbreviated to 4 characters.


What is the USB/RS232 Cable which shall be used to connect all MiCOM Px2x relays?

Everyday we strive to make the B2B electrical business more convenient and cost-effective. There is no guarantee of any kind that what is provided here is appropriate for the user or for any specific radio model or version. It is important to understand the limitations and features available for the radio you are using, before starting to program the channels and features.

The radio supports voice, data, e-mail and fax solutions. Two radios may appear the same on the outside, but the firmware inside them is what determines how they will function, and how they can be programmed may be quite different.

And this is my one and only beef, and why I gave the 2BF a “4”.