Oct 2, 2: Banning a device will remove it from Wifi and not allow it to join again. Show posts by this member only Post 9. Green Means the modem is powered on and looking for any available maxis wcdma prefered signal. This did work for my friend and and instructions were spot on.

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This post has been edited by TSOM: Privacy policy About znarl. If csrutil is disabled I can only connect to the internet if I turn off Wi-Fi. Mar 28 Banning a device will brooadband it from Wifi and not allow it to join again. I can install it on MAC, but I can’t get it connected. Surprisingly no 3G like Celcom Broadband but Maxis has one of the nicest speed.

Oct 12, 6: Not necessary to move to somewhere to get better signal lol. Your solution helped me too. I think we must wait till huawei make new drivers. Is there someone, who knows a broaeband around for the E USB stick?


Posted on Oct 1, 9: I have a different internet key Olivetti Olicard but the behavior was the same. View answer in context. He didn’t register my SIM card previously.

I have installed it. I think you at non-coverage locations. What is ur modem name? The internet dongle being broadbad is a Huawei E Sorry people, I accidentally clicked on the wrong button It does not work with Huawei latest HiLink driver for Mac Oct 13, 8: Note disabling Boardcasts for your Wireless network does not completely hide your network, it is still discoverable but may make it more difficult for people to discover it.

When I click connect, it says “No phone service detected. New stations not allowed: Is there any other way workaround?

The model is E I will really appreciate for any help to fix this problems. But u need a blue blink to ensure that ur modem detects maxis wcdma connectivity. Install, and then put csrutil enable again?


Wireless Security On Maxis Fiber Router –

Click Apply when done UPnP Enabled by Default Lets any program open any port to anywhere without authentication by-passing your firewall. Reviewing which devices are connected to your Wifi.

That was helpful on getting feedback but madis the correct answer Added on March 28,1: Normally it’d work fine. User profile for user: