However, the reduced uncertainty leads to the same conclusion. The resulting velocity field in one of our simulations is shown in Fig. To a lesser extent, it is also the case for IC The distribution of v pec at that time is shown in Fig. In the 3D model, it is treated as empty apart from a few point masses. Here, we also consider a few factors beyond those directly included in our models.

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Errors are estimated using equation It is not feasible for a galaxy like NGC to cover such a large distance in the time since the big bang. This is because the decelerating effect of the extra matter makes it more difficult to explain the high observed GRVs of several LG galaxies.

Solutions involving collisions between any of these galaxies were of course discarded.

4163A Oval Plaque “Of all the stories told through time nothing compares to yours & mine.”

This prevents the model placing undue statistical weight on a galaxy with very precise observations, given that the model itself also has uncertainties. Thus, the crucial ingredient in predicting how the LG should be affected by, e. Beyond the LG, some remarkably tight correlations exist between the dynamics of galaxies and the distribution of their luminous matter e.

Importantly, the small change to the result for Leo P and the almost negligible effect of removing Antlia from our sample both lend confidence that our results should not change too much with future improvements to the data and model. Using a 3D model, we can quantify how fast target galaxies move out of the plane they define with the MW and M OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid An incorrect trajectory will have a mismatch between the acceleration along it and that expected due to the gravity of other particles.


Leave empty to search for all Media. Uncertainty in the distance to M31 has other subtle og on our analysis. Email alerts New issue alert.

The effect of these structures on the LG would have a similar angular dependence as that of the GA but possibly with an increased magnitude due to the smaller distance. Importantly, the effect of forces acting at earlier times needs to be reduced by a factor of a 2.

Histogram showing observed — predicted GRVs of our target galaxies using our best-fitting 2D model.

Furthermore, even if this scenario was plausible, it is clear that it would be rarer than a situation where a galaxy is flung towards the LG and we observe it on the way in. Peebles for providing the algorithm used in this contribution. Our results must depend somewhat on the assumed mass profile for our simulated massive galaxies. With this constraint, whatever specific scheme is used for softening the forces close to 4163x objects e.

However, this is achieved rather differently.

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The Hubble diagram for our best-fitting 3D model is lf in Fig. 4163w location very ly to the MW—M31 line and relative proximity make it an important consideration.


This means that its RV will be higher by a greater amount than in a homogeneously expanding Universe. This is not always the case, as is clear from Fig. Both models have a tendency for observed GRVs to exceed predicted ones. Thus, we consider whether this theory may shed light on the high-velocity galaxy problem.

An effect of this magnitude could go a long way towards explaining why the GRV predictions in our 3D model tend to exceed those in our 2D model. The discrepancy is likely caused by less massive objects closer to the LG.

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Such a scenario is possible in some modified gravity theories, especially those that require the MW and M31 to have previously undergone a close flyby. In our 3D model, it is treated as empty apart from a few discrete objects like the MW and M This may be a consequence of the 2D models treating the LG as filled with matter at a density equal to the cosmic mean value.

To a lesser extent, it is also the case for IC PC reliability is Good. This makes it very difficult to understand how the present motion of NGC came about if one looks for an explanation outside the LG.