I am using Another thing you can try is to click on hardware drivers. I can click “Detect Displays”, but it doesn’t do anything. If you require a response, contact support. Do not try to install the code from intel.. The Bus Device

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The device is likely a USB hub with a collection of sub devices. I’m going to Display properties in Duao and both monitors are showing up in the drop-down menu.

Right-click the Desktop to access the Graphics Options menu. I’m at a loss. For whatever reason, it does not detect both sxpress in the display options.

The browser version you are using is not recommended for this site. I am using The output options are listed. I tried with only default screen, worked fine.

برامج تشغيل الرسوميات لأطقم الشرائح Intel® Q35 Express

But you’ll probably have to do the same installation of drivers or software to make it work. Which one is mine? It probably won’t just magically work right away. It’s this docking station: DisplayLink in next to last line! Do you think the docking station could have GPU? Maybe that would help.


Another possible configuration sends the same content to different displays to give a presentation to a large audience. Okay, I think I kind of did things in the wrong order.

Frequently Asked Questions about Multiple Displays for Older Intel® Graphics Products

This forum discussion suggests that with the right type of splitter, you may be able to span to the second monitor? This thread is closed to new comments. Even browsing might be a pain. Welcome to the forums. The internal exprrss just needs the basic stuff with “intel” driver. Trying to have 2 monitors, showing the same. If you are using unity click th eubuntu logo at the top, type monitor, and open the app.

Since the screens are different sizes, the mouse cursor can be at different positions on either screen.

This is an example of a working xorg. The Mohitor splitter is plugged in, and I don’t know what the others dula. Bus Device Your computer has only one video output. Extended Desktop Extended Desktop is the ability of one adapter with at least two display pipes to support multiple display configurations.


Then change the settings to what you prefer. I just checked out some of the functioning setups in my office and all of them have an additional video card plugged into a USB port.

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Also, the monitor is plugged in through a docking station. This forum says that some dell ” optiplexes come with cards that allow you to do this. I think the command: