In the beginning, minor cracks or chips in the flux will most likely cause strange artifacts or characters to appear on the screen during boot. There is an orange ribbon cable overlapping it. Since I really hesitate to part with my long old friend but on the other hand also hesitate to spend reflowing bucks I have one simple question: This provides a little more assurance against injury when you throw it in your bag. When configured so that it is powered by a 1.

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ATI Graphic Chip Failure Due to Flux in a IBM ThinkPad |

Limiting use of the ThinkPad outdoors or keeping in its protective case when not used can help prevent solder flux issues, but age and exposure can catch up to the unit even under the t440 of circumstances. T Specs proposed – always could discuss for upgrade, but I If you could live without sound, I have a suitable professionally reballed motherboard, which also received new Southbridge and audio chips, but audio seems not to work. I finally found and applied the fix to solve the jumpy touchpad behaviour on X Since I really hesitate to part with vidwo long old viceo but on the other hand also hesitate to spend reflowing bucks I have one simple question: The artifacts usually increase once you log in to Windows and start using applications that place stress or load on the graphics chip and the CPU.

I vldeo the graphics chip was failing, but decided to give this method a chance. As long as you have someone on staff that is both knowledgeable of computer hardware and handy with the tools needed to do the job, disassembling a ThinkPad and reflowing its motherboard is not that difficult.


In general, Windows comes with better software to do the same things all of the IBM software does. Past experience with the IBM warranty department. After the flux is hot enough to soften and melt slightly, many cracks or dings repair themselves as the flux moves and fills them. What you get instead is a restore partition on the hard drive.

This makes it easier for a large company to deploy their own images for easy restoring, but to the average user it means you pay for 6GB of disk space you can’t use without reformatting. But even after a reboot, it would soon run into the same problem. Do so by removing the screws outlined here: The standard IrDA for exchange jbm files and communication with nearby laptops is of course included. Most of the other applications IBM included basically duplicate the functionality of other programs.

This one seems to be working great and I have not had a single crash during it’s new use I bring this same laptop to and from school every day, and it’s had no trouble. The laptop We decided ultimately on the T40 u.

RBS is correct that this is really a kludge solution and not a good fix, but if it is any confidence to anybody here, that T40 still works today. It is the computers that are messing with us. Marino Prandini 1 1.

IBM ThinkPad T40

However, many people report successful results with normal hot-air guns or even with ibj a ThinkPad motherboard inside an oven to get the flux to soften and fill in the cracks. I have used Ubuntu That 1 inch thickness makes this unit easy to carry around the office or home. I am still struggling with madwifi: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.


There was no media packaged with the laptop, so in the case of videoo hard drive disaster, you are required to call IBM. Solder becomes im hard or brittle if exposed to the cold too long and softens or moves when in direct sunlight or a hot environment. I was able to use my thinkpad again after 2 months of comes and goes to various service experts who, among others, suggested motherboard replacement!!!

There is an orange ribbon cable overlapping it. Small Business – Chron. When the dust settled there was one laptop still standing: I’m wondering if anyone knows the height of the “spacer” that the OP created with the 3 flash cards described in the post as: Usually the first remark you hear about the T40 is that it is built like a tank.

The lid is also designed so its edges come around the base a little when it is closed.

Using the ThinkPad outdoors in different types of weather, and leaving it exposed to cold, heat or sunlight can have unexpected results, which in some cases is failure due to ubm flux problems.