I never had any when network traffic was low, only when it was really high. Again all servers are identical except now we have different NIC’s in 2 of them: I had Symantec on the problem as we thought we were NOT having these problems when the symantec client was not installed, however that was not the case. I’ve still got a few more apps to install to make it production ready, but I will be testing that theory as well. The installation was running flawlessly on 5. Procexp process explorer doens’t really help much, except to note when the server starts responding again.

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I can ping the virtual server all day long, but can’t connect to it on ANY protocol. Daily tasks haven’t changed either, so there shouldn’t be any more memory usage average than before, and from what I’m seeing so far, that’s about right. I just recently started using procmon to watch everything in detail.

Embedded NC105i PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapter

I did have a little ray of light appear on the radar last week, but it quickly got erased. According to the description, it seems that the problem occured only when the problematic virtual machine connected to outside External Virtual Network.

Sometimes Bp can’t re-enable the adapters, Windows just churns on it for hours saying “enabling” but it never enables. Friday, February 12, 4: I have to hard-boot the server before the NIC card starts working again. We think we had a “freeze up” this morning Mondaybut we’re not quite sure.


A driver is causing an inconsistent power state. Is it too much to ask for a single server to work correctly?

Again all servers are identical except now we have different NIC’s in 2 of them: Virtual Network Adapter hyper-v tried first, then moved to Legacy network adapter upon these problems, but same problems exist Integration Services Offered: I haven’t disabled any offloading yet with the Intel Nic’s.

Hiya, even tho it should not be possible, the symptoms you describe sounds more and more like a bc105i or hub with a cache that runs full. What I’ve tried so far: I also have problems with the nic cards themselves. Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting.

Still could be symantec related. Do you experience alot of users being “disconnected” rather gp Logged off your Terminal servers? I would think that if I was having a cache running full, that it would affect ALL of them simultaneously, since they share common switches?

Thursday, January 7, 2: This may help us to determine it’s a RAID problem. We run Prolog on one of the sets and we are having a very similar issue on the set running Prolog.

This too became a little tricky, as the Backup Exec agents were publishing their FQDN to the backup server try as I might I couldn’t get that to change permanentlyand the backup server would then try to communicate with them across the main network because the FQDN resolved to an IP on the main network.


It just stops on “Enabling It only has 4 terminal service users on a regular basis, and has NOT had this problem network traffic is far lower than that of the other 3except for the network dropping out in the parent partition.

Posted October 13, Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. I don’t think this is a hardware problem as my server was previously running Windows Server and it was stable as rock. I can do a loopback ping ok, but can’t get any traffic outside of the box itself.

Centos , ESXI and hp nct nic drivers |VMware Communities

We are working on a fix. Thursday, December 31, 2: Hope that gives you some more ideas before you knocked down the wall with your head banging. But this time it hc105i a tcpip. About five hits down, that google came up with for a search of the term: We checked them regularly as we were still in the provisioning process applying updates, installing new software, etc.