The build quality on this laptop is a little iffy. This is the fastest processor I have ever used. For More Information When opened, the screen feels wobbly. There is no option for a larger battery. They are generally OS-independent, i. It took me about 10 min, and then I went to the store later that day to pick up my order.

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Laser Safety Statement Epa Energy Star Radio Frequency Wireless Connections For More Information Nothing on the keyboard looks or feels cluttered, which can be an important factor for the fast typers.

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I decided that was enough to convince me, so I purchased the notebook online at BestBuy. The contrast is decent, and with minor tweaking in the color properties, the display can look even more bright and vivid. I complained to one more manager, and I left pretty disgruntled. Using Your Gateway Notebook Replacing The Modem They are generally OS-independent, i.


This puts the max ram at 1. The keys offer plenty of resistance without feeling too firm.

Recovering Your System Conserving Battery Power Gwteway specs were nothing like what I was seeing on the internet for the price. Connecting The Ac Adapter Replacing The Keyboard This is pretty much based on personal preference though. Using The Memory Card Reader Recovering Pre-installed Software And Drivers A wireless access point can function in a similar fashion to a modem.

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Since the early s the residential or home gateway has been used by Telecommunications Multiple Service Operators [MSOs] [1] as a termination device for connecting consumer premises to a broadband delivery network. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

About Gatewaay Guide Retrieved from ” https: There is no bluetooth built into this notebook. The WAN can be a larger computer network such as a municipal WAN that provides a connection to residences within the municipality or the Internet.


The area around the touchpad sometimes gets warm enough for my palms to get a little damp, but its nothing major.

Gateway MX7515, MX7525

From the moment the power button is pressed till all the background tasks are loaded, this notebook takes 37 seconds exactly to boot up. The MX came with a Broadcom There is no option for a larger battery.

The plastic on the lid, although cheap feeling, could probably survive a small beating, as I had to press hard to even recieve minor ripples. I currently have 1 gig of ram, which comes standard in the MX