I’m glad I traded mine in. A check of the Gateway site finds no monitor driver for this. You can easily see reflections in the LCD, particularly when it’s off or showing dark content in a well-lit room, but in normal use it’s not much of a problem. Move beyond that areas and there are plenty of differences. Also thinking of upgrading too a Tivo. I hate this technology sector!

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I just noticed another potential problem. AV-WayneNov 11, I rock, I lay.

I installed the “EZTune” software and was of the impression the driver would be located on that CD as well. I wanted to post some calibration settings that I think greatly diminished backlight bleeding.

Nov 10, I no longer notice backlight bleed at all. Move beyond that areas and there are plenty of differences. Just reset and it’s done.

Gateway FHD Specifications and Appearance – 24″ LCD Roundup

I’m a monitor snob ChristmasGTNov 9, AceNov 12, Does anyone actually still use S-Video or composite inputs? The tearing is nothing compared to Gateway’s previous monitor, which was why I ditched it and swore off Gateway but look at me now.


I was very willing to pay for it, too. Excellent, just what I needed to know, reductant I appreciate it.

But what to use to display all that computer goodness? Any chance you could try a different cable? Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. I just turned 40, so as part of my mid-life crisis, I’m buying a rdh2400 end gaming computer, probably a CyberPower Black Mamba or a Digital Storm of some kind, depending gatdway how the stock market does. But you know what I do still need to resolve the ‘speaker bar’ issue mentioned previously. Also thinking of upgrading too a Tivo.

Which is “future-proof”, with good connectivity? Of course it was on a x Res like they all are. Your name or email address: No more Gateway products for me.

24″ LCD Roundup

Which is the best, regardless of price? I’m not noticing anything, at least. AV-WayneNov 13, I get black bars on top and bottom, scaling is set to 1 to 1, or am I wrong? Nov 12, I’m on my second FDH, the backlight bleed is horrible on it. Overall, I can create a pretty comfortable sweet-spot that gives me pretty good color gateeay.


Gateway FHD2400

I am also using a 12′ HMDI cable, which is long enough to reduce video bandwidth a bit. The tradeoff of the lower price didn’t hurt, of course.

I do see differences, but surprisingly, I can live with the differences I see.