The head is animated according to narrated audio. Codenamed ” Toucan “, it was a more powerful and refined version of its predecessor, the G Like the G before it, the G focuses on features for the business world rather than 3D frame rates for gamers. Where many cards were crippled by blurry output, especially as the resolution and refresh rate increased, the Matrox cards delivered very sharp and clear images. The card struggles playing Quake3 with everything on and the Gainward Ti ends up being over 8 times faster at x This increases the efficiency and bandwidth of data flow within the chip to each of its functional units. Unfortunately, because of the identical core clock and due to lower memory bandwidth, G was slower than G in games.

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Hopefully we’ll see Matrox back soon with new card since one less player in the performance card market means less competition which only harms the consumer. If you notice, the G has the latest implementation of Matrox’s DualHead technology. Video conferencing works fine and you get a more human interaction.

Times have changed however. A bit bus reduces the board’s mmatrox and cost because fewer traces have to be used, and potentially the pin-count of the graphics processor can be significantly reduced if the chip is designed only for a bit bus.

Lets take a look at the formal specification. First off, a quick look at the highlights and features that most people identify with.

Unfortunately, because of the identical core clock and due to lower memory bandwidth, G was slower than G in games. It does Matrix Pallete Skinning part magrox the DX8 spec in hardware with up to 32 matrices and splits things up per vertex, per triangle or per draw, depending on what needs to be done.


Matrox’s G550 graphics card

The card The G isn’t much to look at. Remember that the Quake3 benchmarks we do at Hexus are with all performance sapping rendering features turned on. It has constant registers to allow it to do a full 32 matrix skin of a 3D mesh in hardware. It added some new features to DualHead that worked with Internet Explorer to make pages show up on both screens at once.

Matrox G – Wikipedia

What was the best tech product of ? The head is animated according to narrated audio. The chip had 3 pixel pipelines with 3 texture units each. Unfortunately Matrox katrox described the functionality of this component in-depth so little is known about it. Taking a look back at the feature list we can see that the card is targetted elsewhere.

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In the G incarnation, the DualHead technology is taken to the next step. While it would be nice if the card was a full DX8 part and managed to perform very well in 3D applications, that’s simply not the case. To conclude, HeadCasting, for me anyway has no use outside a business environment and wherever I’ve encountered a business incident where the technology could be employed, more established, effective means of communication are present.

However that hasn’t stopped them making cards and they continue to develop new products and enhance the products they already have. Bthat are fully 4X compliant and run at the higher speed g50 the motherboard is capable as well. Internally the G is a bit processor, using what Matrox calls a “DualBus” architecture.


Matrox G550 LP PCIe

The application functions like an instant messaging program but instead of text, you see the HeadCasting accelerated 3D head talking to you. The G is a video card made by Matroxreleased in September The G consolidates its outputs into a single backplane connector. It appears to be just a cosmetic tweak away from the sky-blue Special Edition. Matrox was known for their quality analog display output on prior cards and the G is no exception.

The hardware doesn’t run the Nature test due to a lack of hardware acceleration for the features the test needs. The G comes with a Y-cable to plug into the back of the card to provide connectors for two DVI or analog monitors. Basically the hardware supports a full triangle setup and acceleration engine and up to date rendering features just it’s not as quick as any recent hardware as we’ll find out.

Remember this is a DirectX 8. The cards strengths lie elsewhere. This was attributed both to its architecture and to the poor drivers it relied on for much of its life especially OpenGL ICD.