The Hot list can be found on the Entrepreneur Website at http: It is clearly not painted on – as I can see when looking at the shaft of my r7 Superquad. Has anyone bought from this site. The people buying these clubs will run into trouble with them at some point and the great deal will not be so good. Registering is free and easy! Has anyone ever purchased from http:

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Has anybody purchased golf clubs from igolftimes. Website set up in Oct and prices appear to be too good to be true. They are also somehow related to golfsales with an address Bartlett st. None of the counterfeit web sites that I have looked at offer left-handed clubs, no. A magnet does not stick to it but who knows.

The longer irons in particular are very forgiving and will benefit players who struggle with any consistency in this part of their game. A few years ago we bought a Canon camera from a website and googled it afterwards and found there were a lot of complaints about the products and dealing with the seller.

I just started and im very keen on purchasing a used club set from Globalgolf. Swingweights are up to 10 off, bad weights, shafts, grips, etc. Oh dear I am another sucker, it all seems legit until you hit the order button.


February 14th I ordered Nike wedges, a 52 and 60 degree.

There is just a matt black finish on the ones I have. The heads are fake, the shafts are fake much too light flexand the grips are fake.

TM R7 Draw, possibly fake?? – Deal or No Deal? – GolfWRX

We are one of the best UK golf clubs retailers and we have been supplying cheap golf equipment online for years. Do they sell ALL brands of golf clubs? Seem to have faie prices on Ping irons, good feedback. With its strategic carrier agreements, RockBottomGolf. Another tip is check out their security certificate logo at the bottom of the page.

I tried emailing Taylormade for verification, but had no response. No phone number so I emailed asking if their products are authentic.


Two reasons contribute to the competitive price. The only guys I know that get ripped off by sites like this are those that cheap out on everything in life including haircuts.

Doesn’t guarantee authenticity, but more likely to be fine if it’s a valid one. I found out later that they were counterfeits. Those other sites just seem far too dodgy. Their products can be found at http: Now I assume you are equipped to research I did mineand a little digging you would have found this newspaper article i.


Hi there I was wondering if anyone has heard of augolfclubsonline. Lucky I did the research on this. It is possible that they could be a counterfeit product.

TaylorMade r7 Draw Irons Review – Golfalot

Stop asking about reputeable sites! AND — they even overpainted the shaft. Most of the time the angles are not what they should tayylormade, causing the ball flight to be different. Makes me feel nervous shopping at eBay. I purchased these clubs because I always fade or even slice a ball.

You would have to conclude the clubs must be either counterfeit or some kind of dodgy deal is being done through a side door.