View Shopping Cart Checkout. It is difficult to establish any clear winner, and certainly the Bel XR did not “outperform” the USA version against Australian radars. The STi was quiet. So if the hardware is identical, then they must have different software right? They both finished alerting at the same time.

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The sticker as shown in the image below ends with the following sentence:. This shows how much environmental factors such as traffic, wind, perhaps even temperature can effect the range your detector gives on such low powered devices such as the Multanova 6F.

Beltronics STi-R PLUS M-Edition

We also were given this “Australian temperatures and road conditions” story many years ago, but given the USA has a wider range of temperatures from snow to the Arizona desert than most Australian capital cities, we find it a hard statement to swallow. Thanks to this combination, you have the ultimate protection against all kinds of radar including the MultaRadar CDred light cameras, and average cams all over Europe! Overseas models will burn out quickly as their components are designed for extreme cold weather that occurs in the USA and Canada”.

The only other difference is an Australian C-tick label attached again not straight!

Test one – the Sti Driver gave 11 seconds warning to the speed camera, whilst the Sti XR gave 6 seconds warning. Test four – opposite direction once again, with the camera facing away, again the detectors alerted to within a second of each other Click on the image to download the video.

And also from one of our competitors: As bellhronics can see in our video below this is not and never was the case. First, let’s look at the packaging, and any external differences: Fourth run second for the XR the STi XR alerted approx 24 seconds before passing the camera, but with nelltronics pauses in between. At the time of writing, one of our competitors makes the following claims:.


The first radar test challenged a Multanova 6F speed camera Ka band and several passes were made with both the STi Driver and the STi XR to bellttonics if there were any differences in sensitivity between the two. In countries where radar detectors are legal, you can download the radar detection software into the STi-R Plus system.

Bel STi XR vs Bel Sti Driver – we put them to the test

Click on the image to watch the video. The Driver alerted first about 8 seconds priorbut then stopped.

The XR began alerting, and the Driver alerted again a second later. Seventh run, drove towards the radar source with the XR on the left and the Driver on the right. Yes it seems, on that occasion, they “did get caught”.

If you reset your Bel STi detector, it will show you which software version your detector is running.

Beltronics STI: Radar & Laser Detectors | eBay

Test One – the STI Driver on the right in the video alerted 1 second prior to the XRand continued alerting about half a second longer. No other country has a “specially modified” variation of the Bel STi Driver. It was originally stated on one of our competitor’s websites. View Shopping Cart Checkout. RX65i is exclusively tuned for use in European Union and it is the most advanced portable radar detector Third run, the detectors were switched around so the Sti XR was now on the left.



Beltronics STI

Test three – on the return trip, traveling in the opposite direction the camera was on the opposite side of the road and facing in the opposite direction to travel.

Given the only state in Australia bellhronics RD’s are legal to own and operate employs 27 mobile Multanova speed cameras, one would expect the Bel XR “Australian version” to include a Ka-band selection rather than just Ka superwidesince it is widely known the difficulty in detecting this speed cameras.

The two radar sri models, the Bel STi Driver and Bel XR both come in an identical hard travel case, and include the exact same accessories. In this belltromics of speed camera trap, your detector is relying on the radar beam reflecting off oncoming traffic driving towards you, or from large stationary objects. Most advanced protection system on the market brings superior protection and absolute discretion Fifth run, XR on left, Driver on the right.

However, our competitor very quickly removed this lie within days of us calling them out! Test Two – the positions bellronics the detectors were swapped, so the the STi Driver was now on the left.

The STi driver and the STi XR were reset to show the software version on each, as seen in the video to the left, and both models showed the same A4M9 software. Real World Test Conclusions: